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Queen's Garden is dedicated on offering the residents an unique living experience in Hong Kong. Not only we organize regular social gathering events, e.g. food and wine tasting, birthday party, etc; we celebrate different festivals in order to establish a bounding community in Queen's Garden.


In addition, we invite professional and experienced coach and teachers to conduct classes, therefore, kids can enjoy all rounded extra-curricular activites after school. 


Swimming Class

Kent and Gary are the Head Swimming Coaches of Queen’s Garden. They are both Hong Kong swimming champions and record holders. As a top-notch swimming coach, you are encouraged to start your learning journey today and learn how to swim the right way. Challenge yourself to get better, faster and more confident in the water, we offer private/group swimming lessons for you to choose.

Yoga Class

Practicing yoga can be very beneficial for everyone! You can learn through the professional courses run by Jennifer of Queen’s  Garden, it will definitely help you live a healthier life for a harmonious lifestyle.

Basketball Class

There are many benefits to playing basketball, and what better way to hone your child's basketball skills than to start playing basketball at an early age! Basketball promotes soft and hard skills and teaches kids about the concept and value of teamwork rather than just exercising their physical fitness. Eton Garden provides you with an excellent venue and professional coach Daryll, so that your children can learn basketball in a planned way.

Personal Training

A fitness personal trainer can help you design an appropriate fitness regimen and help you achieve your exercise goals. Whether you choose a class with a personal trainer or walk into the gym at Queen’s Gardens, our personal trainer Mark will help you achieve your goals and get in shape!


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