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Queen's Garden is dedicated on offering the residents an unique living experience in Hong Kong. Not only we organize regular social gathering events, e.g. food and wine tasting, birthday party, etc; we celebrate different festivals in order to establish a bounding community in Queen's Garden.


In addition, we invite professional and experienced coach and teachers to conduct classes, therefore, kids can enjoy all rounded extra-curricular activites after school. 


Swimming Class

Professional swimming coach Jonathon Quinlan brings to Queen's Garden an extensive world-class competitive swimming and teaching background. Students of all ages and abilities are welcome to join us, with both private individual / small group swimming lessons available.

Taekwondo Class

Master Fok, a world recognized Sixth Dan Black Belt and Sixth Dan Black Belt Chief instructor of Prosperity Taekwondo Hong Kong Association. In the early 80’s, under Hong Kong Taekwondo Team, he represented Hong Kong in different world competitions. With his experience, professionl Taekwondo lessons are conducted for energetic kids.

Dance & Fitness Class

Teacher Emily dedicated herself to ballet from the age of six.  Her devotion to the art of ballet earned her a diploma from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Her dream was to give to others the love and appreciation for the special art. With the passion of Ms. Emily, the kids enjoy every other classes.

Private Golf Lesson

Mr. Martin Halliday has completed his Golf Management and Instruction and graduated in USPGA of San Diego Golf Academy, over 20 years golf teaching experience for Adult and Kids in Hong Kong. We provide a great venue with golf stimulator at Clubhouse for you to practice on the golf course with Mr. Martin.


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